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An Exclusive Interview With Lan Tu - Chairman of Grand Culture Communication (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

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Possessboth political integrity and ability-an emissary of love and peace


She isbeautiful, graceful and elegant, and her behaviors shows a quiet and eleganttemperament, just like a classical lady out of the picture. She comes from ascholarly family with lots of talents and pays attention to the national eventsand people's livelihood. Lan Tu looks like a weak woman, but actually she isstrong, ambitious, compassionate and practical. She writes a magnificentchapter of life with public welfare undertakings and various talents, andinspires others and influences society with positive energy and the image ofwomen in the new era.


LanTu, princess of ZhengLan flag, started painting at the age of 2 and attendingthe primary school at the age of 5; represented China to participate in worldpainting and calligraphy competition and won the first place in China and theworld prize at the age of 11; worked with her mother in school and givinglessons to students in the summer and winter holidays, such as art, dance andEnglish songs at the age of 14; At the age of 16, she became a primary schoolteacher and was in charge of a class, and then attend the university with thesalary earned without adding a burden to his parents and became a mandarintester st the age of 19. At the age of 20, she became a glorious universityteacher and a class teacher of 5 classes. After graduating from college, shebecame an honorable university teacher and then was sent to work in importantdepartments in Beijing. She is a MBA of the University of Macao, aPhD student of UMT, a financial PHD student of Business Administration in EU, and was granted as PhD in Economics of Academy of Sciences of Unification Theory in October 2017.


At the same time, she is the Comprehensive Champion of 2018 Miss World International Beauty Contest, Beijing Network Champion of 2018 World Super Model Competition, chairman of Grand Culture Communication Company and Grand Lan Tu Film and Television Technology Company, director of CCTV column-Focus on Brand, director of column-Chinese Brand and Influential person,producer of CCTV column-Chinese Brand,executive director of China Business School, minister of the Global BrandDevelopment Department of Golden Silk Road, senior researcher of China AcademicCommittee on Management Science, new business leader of "One Belt, OneRoad", vice president of the Institute of New Global Cultural and CreativeIndustries, honorary president of global grand ceremony of goodness of Luoriver culture, executive chairman of 2017 Global Ecologic Miss Contest inBeijing, Comprehensive Champion and Crown Ambassador of the 2018 Miss WorldInternational Beauty Contest, image ambassador and producer of Chines Star -Oriental Beautiful Young Girl Contest, honorary president and special judge ofModern Queen Contest Beijing, vice-president of 2016 Global City ImageAmbassadors Finals, and special judge of 2018 Teenage Street Dance Competition.


She also serves as the image spokesperson of 31enterprises and projects, suchas the image spokesperson of the world financial platform, image ambassador ofthe Sino African Business Forum of One Belt, One Road, image spokesperson ofthe world financial conference, image spokesperson of world rich club,spokesperson of Chinese beauty association, image spokesperson of GuoseTianxiang Jewelry Queen Beauty Contest, image spokesperson of Hongxi Jewellery,Chinese love ambassador, image ambassador of United Nations for the World's LowCarbon Environment, and World Filial Piety ambassador.



She was the championship of 2017 Maolu QueenContest, and her dance was awarded Best Talent Award. She was awarded the"Global Filial Piety" by Global Filial Day Committee, Global PeaceContribution Award, Peace Envoy rewarded by Global Alliance PeacekeepingSecurity Association, "Outstanding Personage in China's BrandConstruction" awarded by Asia Brand and China Association for QualityPromotion, and Honorary Medal of Business Wealth Leader awarded by BusinessChina Press and Brand Development Committee of Well-off Construction.


Among so many titles, her favorite is the "Goddessof Virginity", which was awarded a few years ago. At that time, she wasstill an ignorant girl who was taking part in the recording of the "TopicQueen" of Sichuan TV. At the same time, Tu Shiyou, a master of WuhanUniversity, was recording "Goddess of Virginity" of Sichuan TV. SichuanTV is closely following the trend of the times, and actively promoting positiveenergy. After selection, Lan Tu stood out in the competition, and was requiredto take part in the recording of the "Goddess of Virginity". She wasfirst sent to West China Hospital for examination, and then to Chengdu VictoriaWomen Hospital for examination by the organizing committee of the beautycontest. Because she lived with her parents, and respected her parents all thetime, so she participated in the recording with her parents' agreement. Thechief female doctor said, "she is indeed a perfect girl, but if your TVcheck her like this, will you give people a feeling of inhumanity?" Shesaid, "the social competition is fierce. All TV stations are wonderful,and the Sichuan TV is also very stressful. My parents are strict with me and Ishould be more strict with myself. That is my character! I think I should keeppersistence and improve myself at all times! I am determined to urge myself tobe a good person, to be a good daughter of my parents, and to do what mostpeople can't. It's not easy to be perfect in every aspect, but I think I willbe more perfect with persistence and encouragement!" At the time, thehostess was  Zeng Meijuan, champion of MissUniverse Sichuan, and the host was Sitar Tan's good friend Jiang Zhimin. Therewere several distinguished guests who participated in the program, such asclassical dancer Sun Ke, Wang Sicong's friend Chen Yangyi, champion of MissTourist, the hero of the famous musical play Golden Sand Yangyu, and severalInternet celebrities like runner-up of beauty contest and tourist ambassadorYan Yu. The audience rating was very high after the broadcast and the TVstation was quite satisfied. Lan Tu would like to express her gratitude tothose people who gave her encouragement and support, such as director ofZhejiang TV Dongze, famous host Hu Qiaohua, famous hostess Yinyi, professorZhang Wenkun of Academy of Music, and young entrepreneur of Zhejiang MerchantsZhao Leyi. Lan Tu has also been praised as "a rare beauty in theworld" and "Cosmos beauty girl". But she feels that herexperience is too little and childish, so she will enter the entertainmentcircle as few as possible just as her parents advised. Her parents advise herthat a girl shall work more honestly and protect herself. Her parents' wordsare the interpretation of positive energy. She firmly supports the policies ofthe party and the state, works conscientiously, resolutely follows the command of the President Xi and the Party CentralCommittee, and takes on the mission of the new era. She hopes to become amature and stable entrepreneur and a member of the people's PoliticalConsultative Conference for the benefit of the people, so as to makecontributions to realize the grand goal of the party and the state and theChinese dream-great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!


Public service: Great love and good deedsaffect you and me; compassion for the people consists of love.

In Lan Tu's own creed of life, there are threedirections guiding her life: become a outstanding person with beauty,intelligence, and high comprehensive quality; a person who pursuits truth,goodness and beauty and possesses both political integrity and ability; andlive a colourful life with love and wisdom. Third of these three directionsplays an important role in Lan Tu's whole life.

Spread love should not focus on the scale or time,but the perseverance. The charitable cause of Lan Tu can be traced back to themiddle school. At that time, she helped her mother teach the studentsvoluntarily on holidays, and encouraged others with her own learning. All theselet her realize her own value and the hope of life.


At 8 April 20, 2013, the 7 magnitude earthquakeoccurred in Lushan County, Ya'an City, Sichuan province. The aftershocks werefrequent, the affected area was large, and the affected population was up to 1million 520 thousand, of which more than 15000 were injured. "At thattime, the government and entrepreneurs called on us to donate to the Luyangprimary school, which suffered more in the earthquake and gave lessons to theschool's students. After I settled my parents well, I put up a big tent on theplayground in West China University. If it rained, I would go to the hall ofthe Shangri-La building to ensure the safety." She followed the donationand relief team with 5 big boxes of clothing and more than 30 kinds of food andmineral water. In addition, she was a member of Provincial Art Association, soshe also brought her own art works and donated 250 thousand yuan. During theteaching period, she saw a large number of houses collapsed, walls broken,children panic, and was deeply affected by natural disasters. After a shortperiod of pain, she grow up quickly, and encouraged the students of Luyangprimary school to face the earthquake bravely and study hard in the temporarywooden teaching area. She said she didn't expect that the children still remainhappy, get along well with me, study hard, make positive progress, and thensurvive the hard earthquake period! At that time, the terrible situation was sovivid that many people were still afraid that the house would collapse and theymight be buried. In spite of this, Lan Tu still thanked herself for theinsistence and the courage to go ahead, because her participation at that timefirmed her footsteps on the charity road today. Therefore, she particularlycherished the social honor followed - the title of Chinese Love Ambassador,which was awarded in the Great Hall of the People. First coming to Beijing andstanding in the Great Hall of the People to accept the medal, Lan Tu wasexcited, and then became more determined to carry out the cause and charity atthe same time.

After being awarded the laurel of "LoveAmbassador", Lan Tu continued this good deed. Except for caring forchildren, she would also visit the elderly regularly. In addition, sheauctioned her jewelry, calligraphy and paintings, evening dresses and so on todonate. She donated her jewellery to express her benevolence in the organtransplant charity conference held at the bird nest. From a good girl who isunfamiliar with the world to an entrepreneur, Lan Tu has paid a lot of effortswhich beyond the imagination of the ordinary people. She focused on thecompany's management and development without forgetting the mission of"Love Ambassador". She dida lot of work for charity, and has also made a largenumber of entrepreneurs friends who are engaged in charity. In thecommunication with those seniors, she learned a lot and saw more possibilities.

"I will always stand by for the call of theparty and the state."

Cause: Embrace the Future with the Truth, Goodnessand Beauty.

"I will insist on the pursuit of truth,goodness and beauty; I will persist in learning; and I am determined to becomean outstanding person who can make more contributions to the family and thesociety!" The love to people makes Lan Tu adhere to the road of charity;the sincere patriotism makes her life and career focus on the practical things.

At the beginning of 2018, Lan Tu was invited toattend the "2018 Innovation and Capital Forumin International Perspective" which was sponsored by theZhongguancun Equity Investment Association, jointly sponsored by the 28investment associations such as Guangdong Venture Capital and Private EquityAssociation, the Global Financial Technology Laboratory and the InternationalMonetary Institute of the Renmin University of China. Lan Tu, as therepresentative of the small and medium enterprises, made a theme speech. Shesaid that we have to adhere to the positive energy and follow the strategiclayout of the country "One Belt, One Road". And we should develop andinnovate vigorously, seek extensive international cooperation, and be theleader of the times in an international perspective.

The opening ceremony of the 2018 World Small andMedium Enterprise Conference and the Second Small and Medium Enterprises ofCountries along the "One Belt, One Road" Cooperation Forum were heldon June 23rd at the Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention &Exhibition Center. The representatives of small and medium enterprises from allover the world and the representatives of small and medium service enterpriseshave gathered together to explore new ideas for the development of small andmedium enterprises based on the theme of "promoting interconnection,mutual learning and win-win cooperation". Lan Tu was once again invited bythe sponsor as the chairman of Grand Culture Communication (Beijing) Co., Ltd.to made a keynote speech on the platform where the famous scholars andentrepreneurs from all over the world gathered. In her speech, she mentionedthat small and medium enterprises are the most active innovation groups withadvantages such as sharp response to the changes in the market, rich productsand strong competitive ability, and they will have a broad market prospect inthe countries along the "One Belt, One Road". As an active part ofit, she would like to lead the new journey of globalization with the propose"One Belt, One Road", seize the opportunity, and interconnect andcooperate with other entrepreneurs to widen the field and solve the developmentproblems.

As a host and image spokesperson, Lan Tu hasattracted much attention on the stage; as a young female entrepreneur andcompany leader, she also attracted much attention. She manages the GrandCulture Communication (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and the Grand Lan Tu Film andTelevision Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. at the same time, and insists on theaim of the rise of the Chinese brand. She is also committed to promoting thedevelopment of cultural undertakings and film and television technology,contributing to the harmonious society and the realization of Chinese dream.

When operating a enterprise, it is inevitable toencounter difficulties. In addition to the shortage of funds, the biggestobstacle is the lack of reliable and loyal employees. "Most people onlyfocus on salary, but I pay more attention on talents with good moral integrityand comprehensive quality. Because I myself succeed due to my continuous effortsand persistence with the guidance of the Party."

Lan Tu is a person who attaches great importance topersonal growth and lifelong learning. During her study, in addition to her ownmajor, she has studied host arts, performing arts, dance arts, etc. in CommunicationUniversity of China, Beijing Film Academy and Beijing Dance Academy. She isconvinced that only the unremitting efforts day after day can keep the beautyand the value added. In February 2018, after multiple assessments such aseducational level, social responsibility, life health index, organizationalpower, coordination ability, affinity, execution, stress tolerance,adaptability, artistic knowledge, listening and speaking ability and music artexpression, Lan Tu was honored as the Chinese image ambassador of UnitedNations World's Low Carbon Environment with outstanding achievements. She showsthe beauty and wisdom of the excellent Chinese people in the new era with themission of promoting beautiful China in the country along the "One Belt,One Road".

Although her company is still in a difficult start- up stage and she is under great pressure every day, she still gives herself afixed study time to keep her creativity and political sensitivity. At the sametime, she also attaches great importance to the cultivation of talents."Every month, we send employees to participate in training so that theycan constantly improve themselves. After all, 'A Common Will is Strong as theBulwarks'."

With the vigorousness and tenacity of Sichuanpeople, Lan Tu identified the company's corporate culture rationality -"pursue the essence of Chinese culture and contribute to Chinese culturaland creative industries and film and television drama " is an unswervinggoal; "let cultural creativity permeate enterprises, industries and thepublic at all levels, and devote to the planning and production of micro-filmssuch as public welfare, brands and society" is the mission. With thecompany's other business, it aims to form the Trinity brand cultural and creativeservice pattern, produce more excellent works with profound thought, exquisiteart, and excellent content, and be a pioneer of film and television cultureenterprises. It will move ahead the prospect "to be the top cultural filmand television enterprise in China and promote the Chinese culture and filmindustry to the world."

The world today is in a critical period of greatdevelopment, great change and great leap. A new round of industrial andtechnological revolution will certainly bring new opportunities and challengesfor development. To this, Lan Tu has a strong sense of mission and urgency. shesaid that if the art business enterprises desire to stand in an invincibleposition in the fierce market competition, they have to take innovation as thesoul, keep up with the pace of the times, and cooperate with more partners andsupport each other.

Justlike phoenix rises from the ashes, only throughdifficulties can a person or corporate shines.